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The Clean Energy Ministerial is a global forum to promote policies and share best practices to accelerate the global transition to clean energy.

CEM initiatives help reduce emissions, improve energy security, provide energy access, and sustain economic growth.

A New Era of Shared Clean-Energy Leadership Begins in China

A New Era of Shared Clean-Energy Leadership Begins in China
There is a new reality in clean energy. The world’s major emerging economies – including China, India, and several others – are moving to the center stage of the clean energy transition. Christian Zinglersen, Head of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Secretariat, explains how the CEM is bringing together major industrialized and emerging economies to focus on clean energy technologies and policies, reduce environmental impacts, and ensure reliable and affordable supplies. The upcoming eighth Clean Energy Ministerial in Beijing reflects the key role of emerging economies in clean energy.

Approaching Energy Access Differently

Approaching Energy Access Differently
International Women’s Day, observed around the world on 8 March 2017, celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political empowerment and achievement of women. Among many other issues, International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to recognize cutting-edge work addressing women’s energy poverty. For example, in West Africa, ensuring universal energy access by 2030 is proving to be more than just a political proclamation; with support from the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Clean Energy Solutions Center and its partners, West African countries are fast-tracking their energy access goals by putting women’s interests at the center of policy solutions.

Media Coverage

China’s State Grid and IRENA collaborate on renewables grid integration 
PV Tech (9 June 2017)

شاركت في اجتماع وزاري للطاقة النظيفة والابتكار (Participated in a ministerial meeting of clean energy and innovation)
Albayan (9 June  2017)

第八届清洁能源部长级会议顺利闭幕 国内LED企业大放异彩!(The eighth session of the clean energy ministerial meeting successfully closed the domestic LED business shine!)  
LED-100, 9 June

South Africa: Energy On Clean Energy Ministerial Conference and 2nd BRICS Energy Ministerial Meetings
AllAfrica (8 June  2017)

创新剧场上演新能源技术“头脑风暴” (Innovation Theater staged new energy technology "brainstorming")
China High Tech (8 June  2017)

習近平向清潔能源領域兩場部長級會議致賀信 (Xi Jinping congratulated two ministerial meetings in the field of clean energy)
CRNTT, 8 June

新能源汽车将迎来加速增长“窗口期” (New energy vehicles will usher in accelerated growth "window period") 
Sina, 8 June

科技部部长万钢:每隔四年新能源汽车电池能量密度提高一倍 成本降低约50% (Ministry of Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang: every four years the new energy car battery energy density doubled the cost reduction of about 50%)
BJX (8 June  2017)

Suscita China progreso en energía limpia y estilo de vida ecológica (China raises progress on clean energy and ecological lifestyles)
Prensa (8 June 2017)

Science minister Harsh Vardhan highlights India’s role in clean energy transformation
Hindustan Times (7 June 2017)

Energiekooperation mit China vereinbart (Energy cooperation with China)  
BusinessPortal Norwegen (7 June 2017)

Vice primer ministro de China pide esfuerzos conjuntos para promover energías limpias (Chinese Vice Premier calls for joint efforts to promote clean energy)
CRI Online en español (7 June 2017)

Finland’s Minister Mika Lintilä promotes clean energy in Beijing (7 June 2017)

清洁能源教育、赋权(C3E)高峰论坛在京召开 (Clean Energy Education, Empowerment [C3E] Summit was held in Beijing)
Sohu (7 June 2017)

IEA and China host high-level gathering of energy ministers and industry leaders to affirm the importance of carbon capture 
IEA (6 June 2017)

Minister of Economic Affairs Lintilä to promote clean energy in Beijing  
4-Traders (6 June 2017)

China hosts eighth Clean Energy Ministerial in Beijing from today  
New Kerala (6 June 2017)

清洁能源·创新使命峰会即将在北京召开 (Clean Energy and Innovation Mission Summit will be held in Beijing)
China High Tech (5 June 2017)

Ibrahim Baylan till Kina för världens största energiministermöte (Commentary: A New Era of Shared Clean-Energy Leadership Begins in China)
IEA (4 June 2017)

清洁能源·创新使命峰会即将在京召开 (Clean energy and innovation mission summit will be held in Beijing)
China Daily (2 June 2017)

CEM2.0:让发展中国家真正展示出清洁能源领导力 (CEM2.0: Let developing countries really demonstrate clean energy leadership)
Sohu (2 June 2017)

China organizará foro sobre energía limpia (China to hold clean energy forum) (2 June 2017)

Copenhagen to host big energy conference
CPH Post (31 May 2017)

China to host forum on clean energy
Xinhua (1 June 2017)

California, China allies on climate: Gov Brown
China Daily (1 June 2017)

How Can China’s Green Building Sector Grow Fivefold by 2030? 3 Cities Show Us the Way 
World Resources Institute (31 May 2017)

Interview: Dutch minister calls for global cooperation on transition to clean energy
Xinhua (31 May 2017)

India Along with Others Moving Towards Centre Stage of Clean Energy Transition
NewsGram (31 May 2017)

A new era of shared clean-energy leadership begins in China
XINHUANET (31 May 2017)

Kinesisk chef vill ha samarbete med Pingwise (31 May 2017)