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Clean Energy Ministerial 4 (CEM4)

17–18 April 2013, New Delhi, India

Clean Vehicle Adoption


For a century, personal mobility has been coupled to petroleum consumption, but electric vehicles (EVs) and natural gas vehicles (NGVs) have recently established a foothold in the automotive sector – holding out the prospect of a cleaner, petroleum-free transportation system. In addition to these benefits, EV’s and NGVs may also prove more economical than gasoline-powered vehicles. However, government has a critical role to play in overcoming existing obstacles to this industry transformation. In particular, EVs and NGVs will require improvements in energy storage and refuelling infrastructure.

Bringing together governmental ministers and relevant industry CEOs will create a valuable forum for discussing critical goals and roadblocks (past and future) to clean vehicle deployment. Participants will be able to discuss both policy and technical issues including harmonization of standards, interoperability, public vs. private investment, and grid/pipeline integration. In particular, the roundtable would focus on government’s role in creating sustainable and successful business models for infrastructure rollout and operation.

Specific action items and notional goals for EV and NGV deployment should be considered. This will allow participants to prioritize future efforts toward addressing the challenges of alternate fuel vehicles. By facilitating the intersection of top policymakers and industry stakeholders the roundtable will create a platform for potentially significant follow on action by both public and private actors.

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Discussion Topics

  • What have OEMs learned so far from the initial rollout of PEVs? What are the key (technological, market, regulatory) barriers remaining?
  • Is demand being accurately gauged so that supply can match it? Is government making appropriate investments in facilitating deployment infrastructure?
  • What is the OEM strategy for the next phase of PEV and NGV deployment?
  • What can governments do to assist further market penetration?
  • What are some other pathways for consumer acceptance (e.g., car sharing, rental car fleets, etc)?
  • What are the key areas of collaboration for government and industry to harmonize standards for PEVs and NGVs?
  • Which non-financial incentives are most effective to spur demand (e.g., access to high-occupancy vehicle lanes, preferential parking, extended inner city access, etc)?