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Clean Energy Ministerial 4 (CEM4)

17–18 April 2013, New Delhi, India

Power Markets in Emerging Economies


Governments and energy regulators face a number of issues as they move to develop clean, modern power sectors. The rapidly evolving landscape of variable renewable resources, energy efficiency, flexible demand-side management, and smart grid technologies offers both opportunities and challenges. The opportunity is to create cleaner, lower carbon, and more reliable power sectors, while the challenge is to plan for, finance, and operate such systems.

Emerging economies face all of these challenges as well as the additional issues of expanding grid access, minimizing non-technical losses, and improving power quality and reliability, all while improving the financial health of electricity providers.

This roundtable provides an important opportunity to synthesize the lessons learned from history, and bring together practitioners and policymakers to cooperatively address the barriers facing power system transformation. Participants in this session will consider the key policy and market design elements that have allowed some countries or regions to address many of these issues, and the obstacles that prevent all electricity suppliers from doing the same.

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Discussion Topics

  • What are practices that have emerged to achieve coordinated deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grids, and demand-side?
  • How can emerging countries best design system solutions that expand renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smart grids to deliver reliable power while also expanding grid access
  • How can regulators and policy makers create better incentives for utilities to move rapidly to a clean and modern electrical grid and to deploy energy efficiency and demand-side management?
  • How can regulators properly, and fairly, address the issue of cost recovery, especially in emerging countries?
  • What unique innovation opportunities arise in emerging economy contexts
  • What are priority areas for public-private coordination?