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Clean Energy Ministerial 7 (CEM7) 

1–2 June 2016, San Francisco, California, USA

Photo: Union Square, San Francisco was the site of the CEM7 Startups & Solutions Showcase on June 1-2. 

Startups & Solutions Showcase

The Clean Energy Ministerial Startups & Solutions Showcase convened nearly 100 companies and organizations from 18 countries that are leading the world’s transition to a clean energy future. 

The San Francisco Bay Area is known as a hotbed of innovation and venture capital financing: a place where startups and new technologies find interest and support for their products and new business models. The Showcase was an exhibition located in the heart of San Francisco in Union Square, directly across the street from the historic Westin St. Francis Hotel, and was open to government delegations, entrepreneurs, investors, media, and the general public on Wednesday and Thursday, June 1-2.

The Showcase was a celebration of technology innovation and entrepreneurship—a bold display of the breakthrough technologies and startups that have potential to transform the worldwide economy in the years and decades to come. The Showcase highlighted the innovations driving transformational change in the clean energy sector. “Innovation” in this context is not limited to new technology, but encompasses evolutionary progress in clean energy planning, operations, finance, and the business models that are fueling global clean energy deployment.

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Exhibitor Categories

Supply—Innovations contributing to an accelerated deployment of low carbon energy, such as wind, solar, and advanced biofuels.

Efficiency—Innovations improving energy efficiency in the built environment, such as efficient appliances, equipment, and buildings with energy storage

Access—Innovations enhancing off‐grid energy services, such as off‐grid product manufacturers, suppliers, and off‐grid energy service provider

Systems Integration—Innovations in power, transport, and thermal systems that unlock large‐scale deployment of clean energy, electrified transport, demand response, energy storage, and other complimentary technologies

Digital Energy—Innovations in grid automation, communications, data management, and other software solutions that bring transformative change to the energy sector at large

Financing—Innovations in project and company financing and business models for rapid deployment of service

Transportation—Different modes of efficient transport fueled with renewable sources and managed demand