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SEAD Lighting Awards

Industrial and outdoor lighting winners announced in Paris

Thursday, November 9, 2017

SEAD Lighting Awards

SEAD Lighting Awards 

The sixth SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition identified and recognized highly energy-efficient industrial lighting luminaires from LumoLumen and Zumtobel, and outdoor lighting luminaires from Bajaj Electricals.

See below for the winning products. 

Competition at a Glance

SEAD - a Clean Energy Ministerial Initiative - works with manufacturers, retailers, and policymakers to showcase feature-rich, energy-efficient products that provide top-quality services while reducing energy costs. The Global Efficiency Medal competitions demonstrate the levels of efficiency that are possible today, and shine a spotlight on innovative new technologies that can further push the boundaries of efficiency and slash energy consumption.

Lighting consumes approximately 15% of global end-use electricity and accounts for 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions (UNEP en.lighten).

The sixth Global Efficiency Medal competition will advance efficiency improvements in lighting by:

  • Recognizing products with the best energy efficiency performance; 
  • Guiding buyers who want to purchase top-performing models; and
  • Demonstrating the levels of efficiency that are achievable with commercially available technologies.