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Swedish Energy Network Announces Power Woman of the Year

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Swedish Energy Network Announces Power Woman of the Year

Swedish C3E Ambassadors pose with Power Woman of the Year Jenny Larson. (Left to right: Elisabet Falemo, Jenny Larsson, Elin Löfblad, and Annika Viklund). Photo credit: Robert Pletzin

On 25 October, the Swedish female network Kraftkvinnorna, or “Power Women,” hosted its first “Power Woman of the Year” award ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden. Power Women, created in the spring of 2015, works to promote and support female advancement and attract women to the Swedish energy sector.

Power Women aligns with the Clean Energy Ministerial’s (CEM’s) Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) initiative’s goal to advance women’s leadership in clean energy, where their perspectives and contributions are too often absent. A critical pillar of the C3E initiative is the International C3E Ambassador Corps, which consists of 59 senior executives, academics, and thought leaders nominated by CEM partner governments to act as role models and advocates for women in clean energy and support national C3E efforts. The three Swedish C3E Ambassadors—Elisabet Falemo, Elin Löfblad, and Annika Viklund—are also members of Power Women.

The “Power Woman of the Year” award—like the U.S. C3E Awards—serves to highlight the leadership and accomplishments of women in energy and raise the visibility of their contributions. This year’s “Power Woman of the Year” went to Jenny Larsson, Vice President of Business Unit Heat Sweden at Vattenfall. Vattenfall is owned by the Swedish state and is one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity. Larsson joined Vattenfall as a trainee in 1998 after earning her master of science in engineering. Since then, she has taken on different roles in various business areas. She has not only delivered excellent business results throughout her professional career but has also actively promoted increased diversity in all aspects of the field.

“I am very proud and pleased to have received this prestigious prize in competition with so many competent women,” said Larsson. “I hope that the prize may help to put focus on how the energy industry can improve gender equality and how to secure future skills by attracting more women.”

In addition to earning the title “Power Woman of the Year,” Larson will get to have a one-on-one lunch meeting with the Swedish Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy, Ibrahim Baylan.

About C3E

The Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) initiative was launched by the Clean Energy Ministerial in 2010. The initiative was born out of recognition that the ideas and talents of all members of society are essential to meeting future clean energy challenges. The C3E initiative works to advance women’s leadership in clean energy and is helping to harness all talent in driving the clean energy revolution forward.