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Crosscutting Support

To accelerate the transition to clean energy, it is critical for countries around the globe to have the policy and technology expertise to implement forward-looking clean energy policies and programs. Some countries, however, are constrained by gaps in technical capacity, workforce development, knowledge and information. CEM crosscutting support initiatives are working to address these gaps across the spectrum of energy supply, energy demand, and energy systems and integration.

As energy demand grows and effects from climate change become more evident, countries around the world are recognizing the urgency of transitioning to a global clean energy economy. Making this transition at the scale and pace needed is one of our most daunting challenges as a global community.

Policymakers must stay abreast of emerging and rapidly changing clean energy policy drivers and opportunities. Tools, data, and other resources must be disseminated to communities large and small around the globe. Lessons learned must be captured and best practices shared before developing energy systems “lock in” old technologies. And it is essential to utilize all of the knowledge and unique talents available to accelerate our progress. CEM crosscutting support initiatives advance workforce diversity and build policy expertise to support a more rapid transition to clean energy.

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