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Energy Systems and Integration

Accelerating the pace of decarbonization in global power systems while extending access is essential to address climate change. Yet power systems are undergoing dramatic and rapid evolution, creating new challenges as countries strive to provide low-carbon, reliable, resilient, and affordable power. CEM energy systems and integration initiatives are helping countries extend energy services and supporting transformation to sustainable power systems for the 21st century.

Power systems are in a period of dramatic evolution. While cost barriers to clean energy deployment are falling, system-level integration of more variable resources has emerged as a new challenge. Meanwhile, more than one billion people around the globe still lack access to electricity, and efforts to extend access are increasingly focused on delivering energy services through distributed systems such as mini-grids and other off-grid solutions. Everywhere, power systems are becoming far more complex, innovation is accelerating like never before, and many business and regulatory models are struggling to keep up.

Sustainable pathways will require a combination of smart technology, adaptive regulation, efficient markets, super-efficient end-use products, and reliable services, all enabled by effective government policies and practices. CEM energy systems and integration initiatives are matched to the nature of these complex challenges and structured to equip participating countries and others to design the policies and enabling environments that can keep pace with the rate of change in the 21st century.

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