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21st Century Power Partnership

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The 21st Century Power Partnership conducts activities in four focus areas, which each represent an opportunity to achieve better global coordination along the path to clean, reliable, cost-effective energy systems: 

  • Supporting country‐level policy and regulatory implementation. The Partnership facilitates technical assistance and peer learning to support national and subnational activities by working with existing country and development assistance programs. We are already at work in India, Mexico, and South Africa.
  • Developing and sharing knowledge. The Partnership coordinates targeted knowledge development and exchange efforts across Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) initiatives. The Partnership aims to advance research that is uniquely systemic in nature; for example, market design and regulatory strategies that promote both renewable energy generation and demand response resources.
  • Strengthening and disseminating tools. The Partnership identifies needs for new tools (or enhancements to existing tools) for electricity sector analysis, planning, and management. In conjunction with country‐level stakeholders and private‐sector partners, the Partnership supports the development of models and tools that will effectively respond to priority power system issues.
  • Bolstering expert capacity. Transforming the power sector to clean and efficient systems requires expert capacity. A key area of activity includes convening multi‐stakeholder knowledge exchanges, such as site visits, personnel secondments, moderated Web forums, and information databases. 

The Partnership leverages synergies across the Clean Energy Ministerial’s technology-specific efforts, such as the Multilateral Solar and Wind Working Group (MSWWG), the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN), the Super-Efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative, the Power and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) working groups of the Global Superior Energy Performance Partnership (GSEP), and the crosscutting Clean Energy Solutions Center.

Upcoming Activities

  • On 25 September 2014, the Partnership will convene an international roundtable event to discuss regulatory aspects of smart grid technology integration. The event will occur in Yorktown Heights, NY. Please contact for more information. 
  • In close partnership with policy makers in India, South Africa, and other countries of interest, the Partnership will establish multiyear schedules of multilateral engagements to help these countries meet their national renewable energy and energy efficiency targets. These engagements include peer‐to‐peer expert consultations, targeted research projects, efforts to improve and disseminate relevant modeling efforts, and other country‐specific priority activities.  
  • A series of webinars is being developed that will utilize the global CEM network of expertise to bolster expert capacity in a broad range of issues relevant to power sector transformation. Topics to be covered will include cutting‐edge modeling projects, innovative regulatory policies, and global best practices in grid modernization and smart grid deployment.