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Clean Energy Solutions Center


Policies to Spur Energy Access

Policies to Spur Energy Access
Monday, September 21, 2015


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Approaching Energy Access Differently

Policy Opportunities

  • The Clean Energy Solutions Center highlights emerging policy opportunities from energy ministers and technical experts, policy briefs, and summaries of best practices. These fresh resources assist countries in identifying and evaluating promising new clean energy policy and deployment options.
  • Rather than duplicate existing clean energy resources, the Clean Energy Solutions Center compiles world-class technical resources and data and is developing enhanced information and tools where needed to support key priorities as identified by Solutions Center participants.
  • The Clean Energy Solutions Center teams with CEM countries and other stakeholders to establish a vibrant, international network of policy makers and experts. This network provides access to tools, data, expert assistance and training; participates in peer-to-peer forums to share experiences; and provides policy resources to the center’s website. All tools and technical resources on the website are available to any user.