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Measurement and Verification Process for Calculating and Reporting on Energy and Demand Performance            Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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Energy Performance Measurement and Verification           Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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The Energy Management Working Group (EMWG) is developing and disseminating guidance and resources to support implementation of energy management systems (EnMS). Learn more about:

  • Case Studies
  • Energy Management Toolbox
  • EnMS training and skills
  • Measurement and verification 

Case Studies

EnMS case studies present the real world data and experiences of early adopters who use energy management to achieve savings. Visit the EMWG’s library of case studies from around the globe.

Online collection of best available EnMS resources

Energy Management Toolbox: Companies need clear, unbiased information about EnMS and ISO 50001 to assess their business value and resource requirements. For the first time, industry leaders, government agencies, energy efficiency organizations, trade associations, and others are collaborating to create and promote a single, shared international collection of energy management resources.

This toolbox will be an online collection of the best available, proven resources for cost-effectively implementing EnMS in industrial facilities. It is envisioned as an easy-to-use resource for facility managers and staff, corporate energy managers, and others involved in implementing an EnMS and ISO 50001. The toolbox will offer free software tools, guides, training materials, energy reviews, case studies, and much more. View fact sheet

To date, the EMWG has compiled over 400 resources and developed a draft web architecture, wireframes, and visual design. The challenge is to organize these materials in a manner that maximizes their usefulness to industry. Toolbox users can access information on:

  • EnMS implementation steps
  • Sector
  • Mechanical system (e.g., motors, fans)
  • Supply chain energy management
  • Any combination listed above

Get Involved: We are currently seeking:

  • Reviewers from industry, government agencies, associations, and others to review initial designs and suggest improvements
  • Free online resources to add to the toolbox
  • Additional partners to join us in building, launching, and promoting the toolbox.

Contact the Secretariat for more information.

EnMS Training and Skills

Job-Specific Knowledge and Skills for EnMS Implementation: This EMWG report shares the results of a multi-country analysis of the knowledge and skills currently covered in workforce programs for EnMS professionals in Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea, South Africa, and the United States. The report also identifies specific knowledge and skills for key personnel and summarizes different types of professional development programs, including raising awareness, continuing education, and professional credentialing.

This report is the first phase of EMWG's work focused on sharing resources with countries developing new workforce programs, generating opportunities for collaboration among countries on developing or expanding training programs, facilitating greater consistency among existing programs, and increasing awareness of the need for skills programs to help realize energy efficiency potential. Read the report and view presentations on specific training programs.

Effective Measurement and Verification

M&V Data Quality: M&V practitioners need to consider the data quality of reported energy performance improvements. Investor and stakeholder confidence in reported results depends on the quality and credibility of M&V data. This guidance document discusses a variety of topics related to M&V data quality. Use the guidance to enhance data accuracy, isolate the impacts of energy-saving measures, and increase investor and stakeholder confidence in reported results. This document covers all critical aspects of energy data M&V, including minimum reporting measures, formats, statistical methods, data quality levels, cost implications, and strategies for managing uncertainty.

M&V Decision Tree: A general M&V process decision tree or roadmap to promote informed decision making on M&V approaches. This guide offers practical, step-by-step instructions on performing measurement and verification (M&V) for a project, which can help M&V practitioners, especially those assessing the impacts of energy efficiency projects, in quantifying gains from energy savings.

M&V Energy Accounting: This report, largely in the form of a series of decision trees, will help M&V practitioners perform energy accounting calculations for the EnMS. This project will help establish best practices to aid decision making, improve data collection consistency, and enable comparability of M&V results across countries.

International Approaches to Measurement and Verification of Continual Improvement in Industrial Facilities: This paper reviews a number of existing guidance documents from the six countries involved in Energy Management Working Group (EMWG), in terms of how they address M&V issues, what context they’re designed for, and what elements might be needed to extend them to address other contexts. View paper.