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International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN)

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  • The ISGAN website,, is the first stop for more information on ISGAN’s programs and schedules.
  • ISGAN has developed a beta version of a smart grid glossary, which is based on a wiki format to enable the low-cost addition of terms by interested stakeholders.
  • The International Energy Agency developed a comprehensive Smart Grids Technology Roadmap and corresponding summary of insights.
  • The (U.S.) Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse website catalogs information on demonstration projects, use cases, standards, legislation, policy and regulation, lessons learned and best practices, and advanced topics dealing with research and development.
  • The Electric Power Research Institute serves as a home for information on smart grid research, demonstration projects, and a Smart Grid Use Case Repository.
  • In 2009, the World Economic Forum released a report on the barriers and solutions for accelerating smart grid investment.